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[[Independent RP]]

Title: That One Time They Don’t Have Sex.
Pairing: Sterek.
Tagged: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien.
Locations: Ice Cream Shop, Stilinski Residence.
Summary: Will drown you in feels.

Derek put him down on the passenger seat of the Camaro handing his jacket over to him. He walked around the front going into the driverside to drive off.

Stiles pulled the jacket over himself, leaning back on the seat and staring out the window silently.

Derek took the first right out of there keeping his eyes straight on the road. He didn’t talk, but he did turn the radio on knowing Stiles hated silence.

Stiles slowly turned to look at him, flinching a moment before moving. Awkwardly, he laid over the middle console, resting his head on his thigh.

Derek his hand brushing his thumb over his hand. “Wanna watch a movie?” He asked bring his hand up to give it a tender kiss. “We can get ice cream first then order a pizza with whatever topping you want”

Stiles nodded, closing his eyes for a moment before quickly opening his eyes. “Okay,” he said quietly, voice cracking.

Derek drove never letting go of Stiles hand. “Stiles” He glanced over at him for a moment. “What did you see?”

Stiles shifted, uncomfortable but not wanting to move. “I don’t want to say.”

Derek ”Okay” He said not asking again.

Stiles went quiet, turning his head to kiss the top of his thigh. “I… I kept seeing my mom in the hospital.. and my dad passed out from drinking…and I think I saw Nic’s family getting killed.” He swallowed, squeezing his hand, trying to keep his grip on reality. “I think I saw your parents dying.”

Derek tensed up at the mention of his parents only relaxing a little running a hand down his cheek. “You should’t have seen that” He kissed him. “You didn’t need that type of baggage”

Stiles shrugged, not knowing what to say for once. “Not your fault I’m stupid and open things that say ‘don’t open’.”

Derek ”You’re curious” He said scratching the back of his neck. ”It’s someone I love about you”

Stiles frowned, sighing and nuzzling against his thigh. “I hate that you had to go through that,” he whispered into his pants. “It’s not fair.”

Derek sighed. “You shouldn’t have seen that.” He told him. “You don’t need to carry that pain with you”

Stiles shrugged again, looking up at him. “Pain is pain,” he said quietly, reaching up to brush his fingers over his cheek. “I’ll be okay s’long as you’ll be okay.” He managed a small smile before dropping his hand. “I want cookies and cream ice cream. With a lot of whipped cream.”

Derek ”Cookies and cream ice ceream with lots of whipped cream. What else?”

Stiles ”Pepperoni pizza,” he said, scratching Derek’s thigh just above the knee, staring at his fingers. “And ranch. And you.”

Derek ”Cookies and cream ice cream with lots of whipped cream, Pepperoni pizza with ranch, and me. Anything else?”

Stiles ”A lot of snuggles.”

Derek ”And a lot of snuggles.” He chuckled. “So those this mean I get to pick out the movie?”

Stiles ”Anything you want.”

Derek smiled kissing his ear. “Where do you want to go for ice cream?”

Stiles ”Baskin Robbins?” he suggested, finally sitting up.

Derek nodded driving to the closes one to them.

Stiles kissed his cheek, waiting till the car was stopped to get out, pulling Derek’s jacket on. “I’ll pay for ice cream and you get the pizza.”

Derek stepped out of the car along with Stiles shoving his keys into his pockets. “You’re not paying for anything” He told him wrapping his arm around his waist.

Stiles ”I want to,” he mumbled, leaning against him. “I don’t care if your bank account is bigger than Bruce Wayne’s. You’re not my sugar daddy.” He sighed, not really in the mood for his own pop culture references as they walked inside.

Derek rolled his eyes kissing his temple. “Fine, pay.” He grumbled not really in the mood to argue with him as they stepped inside.

Stiles ”Thank you,” he told him, lowering his voice as he bumped hips with him to add a quiet “Daddy.” before going to the cashier tell the girl his order, waiting for Derek to order too and frowning a little as she just stared at the man like he was a porn star.

Derek cleared his throat heading over towards Stiles leaning forward. “I want rocky road with whipped cream and chocolate syrup” He asked the girl at the counter as he ran his hand through his hair with his shirt slipping up a little.

Stiles The girl just stared dumbly. Usually Stiles would be entirely amused, but he wasn’t in the mood. He just wanted ice cream and cuddles. He cleared his throat, impatiently holding out his debit card for her to take.

Derek moved closer to Stiles resting his forehead on shoulder as he wrapped his arms around him.

Stiles gave the dumbfounded girl a look, rolling his eyes as she finally started doing her job and getting their ice cream. He sighed, turning kiss the top of Derek’s head, whispering to him, “I just want to go home…”

Derek nodded. “Me too” He lifted his face up to kiss his cheek.

Stiles relaxed a little, reaching to picked up their ice creams, noting how the girl put a cherry on Derek’s and not on his. He ate the cherry in front of her to be a dick and handed Derek his ice cream, taking his hand and walking out. “You’re not allowed out in public anymore.”

Derek lanced their fingers together raising his brow at him. “Why not?”

Stiles ”I don’t like people looking at you like that.”

Derek ”Looking at me like what?” He honestly had no idea what was going on.

Stiles blinked at him. “Can you stop pretending that you don’t know what you look like for two seconds?” he sighed, letting go of his hand to run his hand over his face. “Don’t worry about it okay? I’m just… I’m just being dumb.”

Derek ”Look like?” He scratched the back of his head. “Did I do something wrong?”

Stiles shook his head. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” he mumbled. “You’re perfect, okay? I promise. I just want to go home and eat ice cream and pizza and watch a movie and forget today ever happened, okay?”

Derek furrowed his brows nodding for a second then going inside the car feeling bad and confused about what was wrong.

Stiles got in the car, taking Derek’s ice cream from him so he could drive. He was quiet for the rest of the ride, looking over at him somewhat sadly.

Derek drove back towards the Stilinski residence not really sure if he was still allowed to stay or not. He parked up front the house not getting out.

Stiles ”I meant the Den…” he said quietly, glancing at his house. He closed his eyes, leaning over to kiss his cheek and got out of the car, stopping about half way up to the door, looking back at him in confusion. “Are you coming…?”

Derek ”Can I?” He asked stepping out of the car unsure.

Stiles flinched, hurt that he would ask. “Of course you can,” he said quietly.

Derek nodded. “Okay” He said walking up to him.

Stiles handed him his ice cream before unlocking the front door and going inside the house to be met by a fluffy black puppy, whining for love.

Derek grabbed the ice cream walking up behind him into the house to find himself being attacked by a black fur ball. “Hey” He smiled kneeling down to pick up the little fellow. “What’s your name?”

Stiles ”He doesn’t have one,” he shrugged, giving the puppy a pet. “I got him for Dad. Thats why I was late to the party and had to go see creepy lesbians.”

Derek ”Creepy lesbians?” He asked not really wanting to know.

Stiles ”Dog breeding lesbians,” he said, no hint of emotion or sign of an oncoming tangent in his voice. He just shrugged and went to curl up on the couch, eating.

Derek closed the front door placing the dog back on the ground. “Stiles, I’m sorry” He apologize. “I don’t know what I did to upset you and I know you had that whole shitty thing happen to you at Nic’s house so…I’m sorry” He rambled on, something he never does.

Stiles looked over at him, frowning. “You didn’t upset me,” he told him honestly. “I…” he swallowed, setting the ice cream down and standing again. “Before Nic touched me, all I could see what my mom dying and my dad passed out on the floor, looking dead… And then it was that and those werewolves attacking Nic’s family. And then Jackson grabbed me and I felt all these terrible things that he felt and then you.. and the fire… and it felt like I was there, Derek,” he bit his lip, shaking a little. “I’ve never felt so helpless and scared… And then that girl, with her pretty blonde hair and blue eyes…” He shook his head. “One day you’re gonna get bored with me. Or tired of putting up with me or realize how… awkward and gangly and not GQ hot you are. I know what everyone thinks when they look at us. Thats why it drives me nuts when Erica looks at you, because she’s hot and she’s not helpless or useless… I can’t do anything special like her. I can’t even get knocked up to keep you around. One day you’re gonna leave, and there won’t be a damn thing I can do about it.”

Derek ”I don’t want anyone else” He said not understanding how he could say that. “Stiles, I don’t think you know just how much I love you.” He kneels in front of him. “You’re so perfect in every sense of the word. You have everything I could ever want and don’t deserve. God, I don’t deserve you. No one fucking does. You’re too good for all of them. I’m only going to leave if you tell me to because I want to be here with you forever. I don’t want Erica or that girl. I want you. I’ve wanted to be with you for so long. Stiles, I’ve been in love with you all my life. Since the first day I saw that annoying little kid following around in the woods I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You don’t know how much it scares me to not have you.” He said cupping his face. “You’re going to get bored of me. Of how possessive and suffocating I am with you. I hate not having you to myself every second of every goddamn day. You’re mine. You’re only mine and that’s isn’t going to change unless you want me to let you go. It’s the only way I’ll stop being near you. I want to marry you and have a life with you. It doesn’t matter that you can’t give me kids. We could adopt. I just…you’re special. You’re so incredibly special. You have no idea how fucking broken I was before you. How I just taught that I deserve to die in the fire along with my family. You’re everything to me.” He rested his head down on his lap. “Don’t say that I gonna leave. Don’t ever think I will. I said forever and I meant it. I want forever with you. Just you.”

Stiles looked down at him tiredly and nodded, threading his fingers through his hair. He gave a small chuckle. “I bet thats the most you’ve ever said at one time in your entire life,” he gently teased, tugging him onto the couch. “I’m sorry.”

Derek whined holding onto him. “It’s probably gonna be the last time I do it” He said grabbing his hand to give it a kiss.

Stiles ”I love you,” he told him quietly. “I keep pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming… I stay up half the night because I’m so scared you’re not going to be there in the morning. That you’re going to realize that being with an awkward human boy is the last place you should be. I’m so fucking scared that you’re going to realize how out of my league you are. That you could have anyone you wanted. That people would kill to be with you. People who are as incredible as you are.”

Derek ”I don’t fucking care how I look. I don’t fucking care for anyone else. You’re incredible.” He kissed him shaking. “I love you so much, Genim Stilinski. Yes, I called you Genim because your name is beautiful too.” He told him. “Please don’t go, I’ll eat you up. I love you so.” Derek begged him hoping he knew he was never allowed to leave him.

Stiles ”I’m not,” he insisted, trembling as he reached to touch his face. “Why can’t you understand that? I can’t leave you, melek. I-…” Just the thought of being without Derek gave him panic-y feelings, his heart thundering. He gripped his upper arm tightly. “I can’t breathe when I’m not with you. It hurts, physically hurts when you’re not around. You are my world. My life and soul are your’s.”

Derek gripping the side of his shirt over his shoulders already tearing up. “I-I feel the same w-way.” He stuttered out.

Stiles smiled, cupping his face in his hands. “I know,” he said fondly. He blinked, teary eyed himself. “God, I fall more and more in love with you every second. Every thing about you. Your love of being outdoors, and how you can’t just keep to one side of the fucking bed but you sleep everywhere, you sleep on top of me. How you give so much of yourself to the pack, because I know it’s hard for you. I know how hard you’re trying and everyday that I get to see you become stronger and more confident, I get this fluttery feeling. And when you actually smile at everyone, I want to high five a million angels because it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He traced the outline of his lips as he spoke with an index finger, the thumb of his other hand gently rubbing where his smile crinkles form on the outside of his eyes. I love that you do things in bed that would make a porn star blush and how filthy you can be, but then how you hold me like I’m the most precious thing in the world. Like you need me to survive. Because I need you to survive. I-I do. I really, really do.”

Derek leaned forward rubbing his cheek on his neck clinging onto him. “I love you so much” He whispered close to his collarbone. “You mean so much to me and you keep me human, Stiles. You’re my anchor” He admitted kissing the under side of his neck.

Stiles ”I am?” he asked quietly, a little taken aback. His pulse skipped a beat, feeling a little fluttery. He tugged his hair up to press their lips together. “I love you so much.”

Derek nodded kissing him back pushing himself up and bring Stiles up in his arms never letting their lips part.

Stiles circled his arms around his waist, pulling him closer, kissing him passionately.

Derek wrapped an arm around his neck placing a hand on the back of his neck kissing him wanting to drown in the taste of his mouth.

Stiles made small, needy cry into his mouth, head tilting back. He fisted his hands in the back of his shirt, eagerly licking his way into his mouth.

Derek breaks away from him wanting to devour his lips again. “We should go upstairs to watch that movie or do you want to come to the Den?” He asked.

Stiles ”Upstairs is fine,” he said with a smile, hands moving to grab his belt loops, walking backwards to pull him upstairs. He was grinning from ear to ear, leaving short, tender kisses as he awkwardly tried to navigate the stairs. About half way up, he tripped, grabbing Derek’s arms and pulling him down with him, laughing.

Derek followed after letting himself be dragged as he sneak sweet tender kisses and little I love you’s here and there. When both of them fell Derek laughed into Stiles’s shoulder turning them around nipping at his nose.

Stiles groaned a bit from the fall. He laughed, putting his hands to Derek’s chest to hold him at a distance. “What the heck man?” he asked, gently punching his arm. “You’re supposed to have super powers and stop me from being clumsy.”

Derek smiled. “I promise from now on I will just carry you upstairs” He said standing up throwing over his shoulder.

Stiles ”Thats not what I meant!” he yelled, squirming. “Derek! People are going to start thinking I’m a damsel in distress! I’m totally manly, okay?!”

Derek ”You liked being carried” He told him as he walked up the stairs towards Stiles’s bedroom door.

Stiles ”I never once said that!” he huffed and gave Derek’s ass a sharp jab with his finger. “You just have a hero complex.”

Derek lowered him down and kissed him. “I love you”

Stiles quickly wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling himself up to circle his waist with his legs as well. “Oh no buddy, you started the carrying, you’re gonna finish it,” he told him before giving him a quick peck. “I love you too, pack mule.”

Derek rolled his eyes opening the bedroom door giving him quick little butterfly kiss. “You like being carried, don’t you?” He smirked bring them down on the bed.

Stiles ”Shhhh,” he hushed him, putting a finger to his lips. “If word gets out, my reputation will be ruined!” He laughed, sprawling out on his back on the bed.

Derek kissed his finger lowering his head down to nuzzle his nose on his collarbone. “What movie do you wanna watch?”

Stiles ”I told you,” he whispered, twisting his hair around his fingers. “It’s your choice.”

Derek closed his eyes cuddling him closer. “I’ll watch whatever you want.”

Stiles ”But I just wanna watch you,” he mumbled, nuzzling against his cheek.

Derek sighed lifting himself off to move to lay on his back bring Stiles on top of him kissing the top of head.

Stiles settled down on top of him, resting his chin on top of his hands. He watched with a small smile, feet kicking the mattress.

Derek ”Why do you want to look at me for?” He asked running a hand through his own hair.

Stiles ”Because you’re beautiful,” he admitted breathlessly. “I know you don’t care what you look like, but…” He frowned for a second, thinking, before rolling off the bed, landing with an ‘oof’ and quickly standing. “C’mon,” Stiles demanded, reaching for his hand and pulling him into the bathroom.

Derek got up from the bed taking Stiles hand and following him into the bathroom. “What are you doing?”

Stiles ”Showing you,” he answered, moving Derek to stand in front of the mirror. He stood behind him, turning the man’s head to face his reflection. “Okay. Look at yourself. Don’t say anything, you’re good at that. Just look…. Look at your hair Derek…” he ran his fingers through the man’s hair, curling his fingers around the locks. “It’s so thick and dark, and I love touching it. I’ve never felt softer hair than this.”

Derek stared at the reflection not really seen anything but himself. He rested his head back against his touch smiling gently.

Stiles his hands left his hair, slowly trailing down to gently tug on his ear lobes. “And your ears.. God, even your ears are beautiful,” he whispered into his right ear before gently kissing the skin just behind it. His fingers traced over his jaw. “I love your stubble, Derek. Never shave it. Grow a full beard if you want, just keep the stubble. Is it even really stubble? I swear, you must use conditioner on your face. I love how it scratches my skin.” Fingers moved over his cheek bones, resting on his temples. “And Jesus Christ, Derek, look at your eyes,” he breathed, knees wobbling a little. “What color are your eyes even? I could get lost in these eyes. I want to swim in your gaze. When you look at me, melek, I feel so exposed. Like you’re staring straight into my soul and I can feel you in my soul. And your eye lashes. You have such long eye lashes…. They’re beautiful.”

Stiles: [[ the second soul should be bones* ]]

Derek shivered under his touch his eyes just focused on Stiles.

Stiles voice was quiet, almost dazed as his finger tips fell to brush over Derek’s lower lip. “And your mouth… Melek, I want to die in your mouth. Your lips shouldn’t be so soft… You taste so good. Minty when you’ve just brushed, but still like you.” He poked his finger into his mouth, running over his teeth. “When you smile Derek, I feel like I’m suffocating, but the good kind. Because you are so unbelievably stunning when you smile. You have these little rabbit teeth, and they’re so cute, I just want to lick them. But mostly, I just want your mouth to devour me, to mark me everywhere. People keep giving me weird looks at school, y’know? Because of the hickeys and the bite marks. They keep saying things, and I love it. I love the bruises your mouth and hands leave. I love when people know I’m your’s.”

Derek bites on his fingers darting his tongue out to lick over it. He sighed letting his head fall back on his shoulder.

Stiles smiled, kissing the side of his head and letting his fingers trail over his throat, just light barely there touches. His eyes never left the path his hands were making, over the man’s shoulders, squeezing lightly to loosen the muscles, and down his arms. He laced their fingers together on one side, bringing the other hand up to press his cheek into the man’s palm, taking his thumb in his mouth and sucking in short pulses.

Derek gasped at the feel of his hands teasing over him. His breath hitched at the feel of those pink soft lips wrapped around his thumb. “You

Derek: “You’re going to kill me” He whined.

Stiles smiled impishly around the digit, curling his tongue around it before letting it fall from his mouth. He turned his head to rub his nose over his cheek bone. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Derek raised his arm up to wrap behind his neck as he nuzzled his cheek close to him. “How can you say that when you’re the one who’s beautiful”

Stiles ”You really think that,” he whispered, not in question or doubt, just an observation. “You’re so weird.”

Derek turned them so Stiles was the one facing the mirror. “Look at you” He said placing his hand on his collarbone.

Stiles rolled his eyes, standing infront of the mirror. “Okay, you’re totally stealing my romantic idea here, but I’ll humor you.”

Derek hushed him. “You talk about my eyes, but have you seen yours.” He said staring at them. “Those amber eyes with your long perfect eyelashes.” He kissed the corner of his right eye. “You look so angelic”

Stiles smiled gently, closing his eyes and leaning against him.

Derek ”And your nose and cheeks. You have beautiful bone structure. You grow even more beautiful every year that passes.” He smiled. “Even when you were so young you looked so beautiful and now…you’re breath taking. You took my breath away that day in the woods. The first time I had seen you after seven years.”

Stiles kept his head slightly turned, looking at Derek. “Really? Cause I got the most awkward boner…” he admitted quietly.

Derek ”I could tell” He brushed his nose along his neck. “You smelled so good I had to almost run away to keep from jumping you”

Stiles ”Aw man,” he snickered. “That would’ve been so fun though!”

Derek ”You don’t know what you do to me, Stiles. I have no control over how much I want you”

Stiles ”I like when you lose control,” he admitted, a little embarrassed. “Because I think… I mean, it makes me feel like you trust me again..”

Derek stared up to look at him not really knowing what to say.

Stiles swallowed, stomach knotting. He just nodded, kissing his cheek. “It’s okay if you don’t,” he said quietly, pulling him back to his room.

Derek walked back to the room. “When you said they call you things at school…”

Stiles ”I didn’t say they call me things,” he corrected him, looking through his DVD shelf. “They say things is all.”

Derek ”What things?”

Stiles sighed, swallowing and making a point to focus on his DVD selecting. “Y’know, stupid shit. Rumor mill. Finstock thought Dad was hitting me. Some of the guys on the team asked if I hired a hooker…” He flinched. “Or if I’m in porn now and they say shit like ‘Hey Stilinski, when’d you become just a big slut? You gonna suck me off next?’”

Derek growled. “They what?”

Stiles slowly turned to look at him, holding up two DVDs. “Fright Night or Weird Science?”

Derek ”Stiles, stop avoiding the fucking question”

Stiles ”It’s not a big deal!”

Derek ”They are calling you a slut! They are calling my mate a slut” He growled.

Stiles ”Derek, I said it’s okay!”

Derek ”It’s not okay for me. Why did you tell me?” He asked furious.

Stiles flinched, taking a step back. “What do you think people are going to say?!” he snapped. “I’m covered in hickeys and bruises that look like hand prints. I haven’t been able to walk straight since you came back! I think even weak, pathetic humans can tell I’m getting laid every day, many many times a day.”

Derek ”You don’t get it, do you? You get that I don’t want people talking bad about you.” He said heading over towards the door slamming it open to head downstairs.

Stiles hurried after him. “Really, Derek?!” he asked, annoyed that he was leaving. Again. “You can’t control everyone! You can’t help what people you don’t even know say or think!”

Derek head over to grab his jacket not really in the mood to talk.

Stiles ”I didn’t do anything wrong!” he yelled, grabbing his arm. “Stop leaving!”

Derek stopped moving not looking at him.

Stiles cupped his face, trying to meet his eyes. “What did I do?” he asked, honestly not understanding why Derek was mad at him for what people were saying.

Derek ”I love you.” He looked down. “And it pisses me off when people talk about you like that.”

Stiles ”People talk, Derek,” he said earnestly, shaking as he ran a hand through his hair. “They say stupid shit that they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about because they don’t understand and it freaks them out. I told you, I like it.” He reached to gingerly take his jacket and hang it back up, eyes never leaving Derek. He pressed his forehead to his, gripping his hair. “Let them talk, because it means that I’m marked. I’m your’s and they can all see it. I belong to you, Derek Hale. Every cell in my body, every breathe that I take, is for you.”

Derek closed his eyes running his hand all over Stiles chest and down to his waist. “You’re mine and no one shouldn’t be allowed to be near you.” He snarled possessively.

Stiles ”I know,” he whispered, trying to soothe him and knowing he probably shouldn’t so okay with hearing that statement. He raked his fingers through his hair repeatedly, letting blunt finger nails scrape over his scalp. “But you can’t lock me up in a tower where no one will find me, melek… You just have to trust me when I say I’m your’s. That no one else even compares. Not even Ryan Gosling.”

Derek held onto him little a small child that cling to his mother. “Okay” He said knowing it was a little hard to just trust someone so easily after they’d hurt you, but it was Stiles. That annoyingly persistent boy that never shut up and had Derek completely and madly in love with. “Okay, I’ll trust you.”

Stiles smiled breathlessly, tilting his head to press their lips together, melting into a tender kiss.

Derek kissed him softly cupping the back of his head.

Stiles whimpered quietly into the kiss, pulling away just to brush his lips against his chin. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Derek ”Let’s just go to bed and sleep.” He said hiding his face on the crop of his neck.

Stiles ”Mmkay.” He took his hand, lacing their fingers and tugging him back upstairs.

Stiles laughed, pulling him into his room and falling back on the bed, bringing him with. “I love you,” he told him, tugging his shirt up.

Derek got down hovering over him lifting his arms up to let Stiles take of his shirt. “I love you too”

Stiles kicked off his sneakers as he tossed the shirt aside, running his hands over his favorite six pack. “Thanks for staying..”

Derek tugged off Stiles shirt running his lips over his chest and abdomen. “I’m sorry if I do that”

Stiles felt his breath catch, back arching as he lifted his arms to help get his shirt off. “I understand.”

Derek ”I don’t want to leave, but I always get scared I will scare you” He said kissing him again.

Stiles ”I’d rather you scare or hurt me than leave,” he admitted quietly, nuzzling his cheek.

Derek whined. “Don’t say that” He kissed him.

Stiles ”Why?” he asked quietly, cupping his face. “At least then I’d know you’re okay. I can’t… I don’t want us to fight and have you leave and have something happen and then have that be the last thing either of us remember. I need the last thing I tell you to always be I love you. I… You need to know incase something happens.”

Derek cups his face. “Stiles” He kissed him. “I’m not going anywhere. I promised I’d come back to you, didn’t I?”

Stiles ”I know Derek, I know,” he said quietly, closing his eyes. “But you can’t control everything.”

Derek ”I can damn well try” He responded bring him closer.

Stiles sighed, nodding. “Can we just sleep now?”

Derek nodded. “Yeah, let’s just sleep”

Stiles smiled, shifting a little on his tiny bed so they could lay side by side, snuggling up against his chest.


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